Insurance Benefits

Over the past number of years insurance premiums have been increasing due to a combination of fraudulent claims by organised crime gangs and the severity of motor accidents (primarily by younger drivers).

This has resulted in increased premiums to all drivers. Our aim  is to preserve the evidence in the event of an incident, monitor and appraise the behaviour of younger drivers. We will then proactively communicate with them to encourage improved driver behaviour by rating their driving on a constant basis on a traffic light system promoting a safer driving behaviour.

The driver will be aware that we also provide this data to their insurer and aggressive driving will result in increased premium or in some cases policy cancellation. In recognising a market need to address these issues we have launched I-Witness the first monitored telematics camera system.

On-board telematics can make a significant dent in costs to insurers in cases such as these by speeding up the claims cycle time. If there’s an accident, telematics equipped cars or trucks can initiate a first notice of loss almost instantly. Shorten the amount of time between an accident and a report date and insurers save money. Savings emerge out of shortened claim cycles and reduced investigation expenses.

Speed is the key, as well as the type of data that’s reported and how it aligns with claims made by the insured. It adds up quickly: The enhanced reporting of data made possible by on-board telematics stands to save insurers billions. According to research, a mass adoption of insurance telematics systems could result in up to a £20 billion savings in incurred losses for the industry by reducing the impact of theft and fraudulent claims, shortening claims cycle times, lowering the number of disputes and providing detailed accident reports.



Low Velocity Impacts (LVI)

An increased number of Low Velocity Impacts resulting in whiplash claims are costing the insurance industry hundreds of millions annually. The parameters of the G sensors are set to report and record an impact from a speed of 5mph upwards. This results in an independent witness in the event of an LVI which can negate exaggerated or fraudulent claims.



Underwriting Data

As we constantly gather data on our drivers it is important that we use this data in a manner that is user friendly to Insurance Underwriters. This data can be manipulated into sub-sets in line with the Insurers requirements such as;

  • Age Categories
  • Accident statistics by age
  • Driver Behaviour by age
  • Accident statistics by location
  • Accident statistics by time
  • Accident Statistics by Gender
  • Accident statistics by vehicle age
  • Accident statistics by Vehicle make

This will be provided in a reported rating format with the background information available on request by category not by name, ensuring complete data protection regulations are met.



Monitoring Call Centre

Our dedicated monitoring centre ensures complete protection resulting in swift response in the event of an accident.

All staff are fully trained and committed to ensure a seamless service, resulting in a highly efficient, service as well as complete client reassurance.

Northern Ireland:

ROK Intelligence, Scottish Provident Building, 7 Donegall Square West, Belfast, BT1 6JH

Republic of Ireland:

ROK Intelligence, Killaha East, Kenmare, Co. Kerry


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