Provisional Drivers/Young Drivers

The system is designed with the latest telematics technology and can assess a driver’s behaviour such as acceleration, braking, and overall speed.


We provide a level of data and analysis, which shows you exactly how you are driving and therefore allows us to help you improve it.


Depending on your insurance company this information is can be passed to them in order that they can then price the risk more fairly with your prior written approval.


Should the data collected indicate that you are a safe driver, your premiums should fall throughout the year to reflect this.


According to the British Insurance Premium Index, premiums for drivers aged between 17 and 22 have risen by 39% on average since April 2010. A new driver with their first car could see premiums fall faster than the 30% with Telematics written into the insurance policy.

High Value Vehicles

High value cars are being stolen ‘to order’ by professional gangs. These vehicles may be relocated within 48 hours across borders using falsified documentation. Some countries have processes in place to re-register stolen cars which is further enhancing the ongoing issue.

Our system  will trace your vehicle if it is stolen, whilst assisting with its recovery, as well as aiding any police and insurer investigation. Typically this reduces the lifespan of the claim as well as associated costs.


Full safety requirements and tracking at the highest level with efficient technology, combined with a wide geographical presence.


The system provides added visibility and control that comes from monitoring the exact locations and status of vehicles and mobile assets in real time.


Insurance Companies

Underwriting and claims become more closely intertwined. Pricing will reflect how a policyholder drives as well as actual driving conditions, in addition to other predictors of risk. Auto insurance will become increasingly personalized and more cost-effective from the insurer’s point of view as well as being more closely aligned with consumer driving performance.

Benefits can be delivered to end users as customer engagement is enhanced with direct customer interaction, satisfaction and loyalty.


Reduction in claims of personal injury and overstated damage to vehicles. The system can assist in identifying cases over excessive heads of claim, prompting a reduction in fraudulent claims. Additionally LVI claims with complete evidential proof in support can be used as evidence in Courts for any Civil or Criminal Prosecution.

To assist insurers in offering a fully integrated system for new and existing clients by being better equipped to attain market leading positions in profitability and consumer satisfaction.


Stream-line claims processes with the introduction of state of the art FNOL systems showing a positive impact and reduction in claim life-cycle, time management, reduction in overall costs and overall accurate reserving.

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